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I have a code that initially sets Screen Updating to False, but in the middle of the code it calls another subroutine and for some reason it actually shows me some (not all) actions (ie, when it selects a new sheet I get to see that). Here is a simplified version of the code Option Explicit Sub Check_Input Data() Application. I have been following Screen Updating Property through Debug. Screen Updating = False von: eugen Geschrieben am: Morgen Leute,wer kann mir sagen was eigentlich die 2 Befehle die ich in meinen meisten Makros habe bedeuten.'Am Anfang: Application. Screen Updating = Truegru eugen Betrifft: AW: Application.Screen Updating = False von: Detlev Geschrieben am: Hallo Eugen,damit wird die Aktualisierung der Anzeige von Excel ab-, bzw. Wenn es auf False steht, siehst Du nicht was Excel so alles macht. Screen Updating = False von: Jens Geschrieben am: Hallo Eugen Wenn Du Prozesse laufen hast bei denen Du die ganze Zeit ber zuschauen kannst was passiert (z. Sortieren etc) kann es manchmal zu einem ganz schnen Gewackel des Bildes kommen. Screen Updating = False die Bildschirmaktualisierung whrend des Prozesses ab und wenn alles abgeschlossen ist mit Application. Setzt mal in einem Code wo Du diese Befehle vorfindest einfach mal ein ' davor. Ja nachdem wieviel Prozesse durchlaufen werden, wirst Du schon sehen was mit Deinem Bild passiert.

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I'd appreciate a review of the class and the test harness. Restore SU = DEFAULT_RESTORE_SCREEN_UPDATING End Sub 'By default, restore the settings if we didn't do it explicitly Private Sub Class_Terminate() If this. Restore CA End Property Public Property Let Restore Calculation(Value As Boolean) this. Raise -1000, "CExcel Properties", "Properties have already been persisted." End If End Sub Public Sub Restore() 'Only restore the settings that we want restored '(which by default is all of them) With Application If this. I like your point about the Restore on Terminate being exposed as a property.Here is a simple code which gives a message box showing the values in column A starting from row 2 to the last row. The status bar will show the message “Macro running” as the code is running, and once the code is done, it will show “Ready” which is one of the default Excel messages. Display Status Bar = True With Worksheets(“Sheet1”) lrow = . Restore DA = Value End Property Public Property Get Restore Enable Events() As Boolean Restore Enable Events = this. So yes, the Type members should match the property names.Restore EE End Property Public Property Let Restore Enable Events(Value As Boolean) this. I've used your error numbering approach in my own implementation, but I wanted to keep the example focused on the persistence.

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