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It seems like every time Apple issues an update to i OS 8-9.0-9.1-9.2, it creates the Bluetooth blues for car owners for Bluetooth connections for car owners.

Apple released i OS 9.2 earlier this week and we are already getting reports of Bluetooth problems with the update.

The driver can also make calls using voice or the car’s built-in methods. We expect that the new i Phone will offer dual cameras, more storage (up to 256), increased cloud service, different colors, 3GB of RAM memory, a faster processor, i OS 10 upgrade, different screen size, water-resistant, SIM card waterproofing, thinner/lighter and removal of the headphone jack/aux port for space to add extra speakers.

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Please continue to look for an update from Apple for a new i OS and our update website to help resolve your concerns: It’s not uncommon for brand-new phones to have Bluetooth connectivity issues, although a problem that causes audio to cut out (what I’ve been experiencing in a car with an (admittedly dated) Ford Sync system) is more serious than most.Going off the number of complaints, it seems like BMW, Kia and Ford vehicles are all having repeat problems connecting, while some users are complaining about intermittent issues with Bluetooth speakers.BMW has confirmed that there is an issue, saying in a statement that “at this time, the Apple i Phone 7 is not an approved device for our vehicles until testing has completed.There is good news and bad news for i Phone owners with Bluetooth-enabled cars.We have been able to find some new tips and tricks to help those who can’t get Bluetooth to connect in their cars.

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