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Once you have done that, scroll all the way to the bottom to the “group therapy” section and enter your group’s info. The group leader’s photo will appear on the group listing.

This five week group will focus on child development and parenting issues through discussion, education, and role-plays.

Discussing your issues in a group setting can be very rewarding and is a great treatment option for many people.

But there simply hasn’t been enough medical and psychological research conducted on asexuals to say much more.

“When you find the label 'asexual' fits you, you feel like you finally found your place," said Stratton, who created the "Aces of Philadelphia" Facebook and meetup group last year.

Now, through social networks, they are weaving together communities and a growing number of people appear to connect with the term asexual. ‘Before, you had to really search for them’ Lara Landis, a Milton, Pa., native who founded the Asexual News website, remembers the time before those questioning could put a name to their feelings with only a few mouse clicks.

"I've run across an old Ann Landers column that mentioned us from the 1980s, but before, you had to really search for them," Landis said.

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